Daiquiri? More like DADquiri!

by Stoves and Bros

Show your dad you love him this Father's Day with this delicious cocktail! Now I know a lot of bros are happy with a cold beer and nothing fancy, but in honor of Father's Day I wanted to show how to make an easy, classy daiquiri. This is a perfect recipe for the summer because it's rum based and it was JFK's favorite drink. So if it's good enough for the legend himself, it's good enough for you. Make sure to double the recipe and treat your Pop on his day! 

Recipe: Daiquiri 

Serving: 1  


1 ounce lime juice

1 1/2 ounce white rum (you can use dark if that's what you have on hand but go easy on the sugar) 

1 teaspoon of granulated sugar  

Lime slice for garnish (optional)  


1. Fill cocktail shaker with ice

tip: if you don't have a cocktail shaker you can use this tip

2. Add sugar, lime juice, and rum  

3. Shake  

4. Pour into a martini glass or a tall glass with ice. Add lime garnish if you have it around