Filet Mignon: How not to make a mis-steak

by Stoves and Bros

Recipe: Pan-cooked steak

This recipe is great for those bros who don't have access to grills but still want to dine like Rockefellers. 


Steak (one filet per person) we are using filet mignon but you can use whatever cut you prefer





1 . Purchase steak that is cut about 1” thick

2. After you wash the filets, leave them out so they are room temperature. Do a little salt and pepper rub on them. Make sure you add the salt to the steak about an hour before cooking so it doesn't dry them out. 

3.  Take steaks to a hot pan with oil  (olive oil or butter) and slap them down. Cook 4 minutes on each side.

4.  Add as much or little butter as you want (I personally add very little if any)

5.  Use the hand trick in the video to tell if its done. If you didn’t watch the video you can find it here.

6. Put some veggies on the plate and you’re good to go